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for Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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What does a medical billing specialist do?

Medical billers make sure hospitals, doctors and healthcare providers can receive payment for services rendered to a patient by accurately submitting claims to insurance companies or government run policies, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

How does this career benefit the Deaf and Hard of Hearing?

Medical billing specialists are in high demand, and much of the billing and collection work is performed electronically with little direct public interaction. When there may be a need for verbal communication whether in the initial interview or in the position, your Vocational Rehabilitation Representative can help to guide you.

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Medical Billing Specialist Program Includes:

  • ASL Translation & Closed Captioned
  • Expert-Led Online Video Lectures
  • On-Demand Online Mentoring
  • Full Text Book & Exercises
  • 100% Portable learning Modules
  • Certification Exam
  • Start your medical billing and coding program today
  • Funding Options
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